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I got so into my rest and GRE study this weekend that I didn’t grace you with a Pamper Yourself post, but I’m sure you found a way to indulge *smile* I was a little worn out because I’ve been blessed to attend some really great events over the past 2 weeks! If for no other reason, you’ve got to love New York for the plethora of activities and things there are to get into around here.

As I mentioned in last week’s Pamper Yourself post (those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen the live tweets) on Wednesday, September 16, I attended the Uptown Girl! Awards, which celebrate women who are making a positive impact in the South Bronx and other urban areas. The Awards are given by the Majora Carter Group and the ceremonial evening was hosted by Kerry Washington and Joy Bryant – both Bronx girls themselves. I have to tell you, the women receiving awards that evening– who ranged from teenagers to grandmothers – were incredibly inspiring! From creating art to beautify and build the community to founding organizations like Mothers on the Move (MOM), these women were making things happen and proving that it’s not where you come from but where you’re going. What I liked as well is that none of them, talked about “escaping” from their surroundings, they rather spoke of becoming successful and improving their surroundings for themselves and their children.

Y’all know I rep Harlem all day, but I have lots of love for the boogie down and am so proud to have been present. I’m particularly proud that one of the evening’s honorees was Dr. Carolyn Williams, President of Bronx Community College, one of my alma maters, and a woman who is dedicated to offering quality education and great opportunities to all her students. I must say, too, that Kerry Washington was so very sweet! Just as beautiful in person as on the screen and she was rolling with her parents – which you know I love! They are lovely people and you can tell they are so proud of their daughter. I managed to be standing right by the door as she came in; I greeted her and she took a look at me and smiled and said, “You look beautiful! I see you in your whites!” She immediately recognized me as a priestess, and I was pleasantly surprised by that! Unfortunately, this was one of the very rare occasions when somehow I didn’t have my camera and so I’m waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the pictures I took with her and others, but I’ll definitely share when I get them. Sway made a surprise appearance as well, and while I didn’t get to speak to Joy, she was laughing and having fun and seemed quite lighthearted and sweet as well.

It was a fantastic evening, indeed! I’m only disappointed that with all the press and photographers that were there, I’m not finding anything about the event online – not even on the Majora Carter Group site – what’s up with that? It’s not all fun and finger foods, though – local organizations need your support! Consider donating some of your time and or money to MOM, Bronx Community College, the Majora Carter Group or an organization of your choice. Let’s support each other and keep great things happening in the ‘hood and beyond! Ase!