Staying positive often means keeping your eyes on the prize ahead of you and not looking back too much, but there’s one time when looking back is quite important: after you’ve had a “movement,” if you get my drift. It’s not usually something we discuss in polite company, but the state of your “droppings” says a lot about your overall health and it’s very difficult to be positive if you’re not healthy!

According to many sources, including one of my favorites, Dr. Oz, most people don’t get as much fiber as they need in their diets. The average adult under 50 should ingest 25 to 38 grams of fiber daily (21 to 30 if you’re over 50) and, with our protein-heavy, vegetable-scarce American diet, a good deal of the population doesn’t get half that much. As discussed in this article, eating appropriate amount of fiber (and enough water!) decreases the probability of colon cancer – one of the leading types of cancer in Americans – and also decreases the chances of getting gall and kidney stones, intestinal disorders like diverticulitis and other health problems.

How do you know if you’re not getting enough? Dr. Oz says you should “admire your work.” As he mentions here, bowel movements should be smooth and s-shaped, if it’s too hard, lumpy, or comes out like marbles or “rabbit pellets,” you are likely constipated lacking adequate fiber and water intake. Whether it floats or sinks is also of importance: in general it should sink. Too much flotation is a sign of excess fat in the diet, among other potential issues.

Here are 30 easy, tasty ways to add more fiber to your diet – one of which includes my favorite: hot cocoa! Eating healthy can be fun and delicious and feeling good in your body has been proven time and again to help you feel good in your spirit.


Health and Wealth to you all today and everyday!