Funlayo Alabi is a woman on the move!  Aside from sharing a name, we also share the drive to spread positivity and help people improve themselves; she expresses hers through her Maryland-based company, Shea Radiance, which sells all natural shea butter products and helps African women in the process. The mission of Shea Radiance is to “create beautiful body care products from ingredients that come from renewable and sustainable sources in Africa.” Funlayo and her company – which she and her husband, Shola, run together – invest in local communities in Ghana and Nigeria. They aim to do 90% of the processing locally, thereby securing a sustainable living wage for producers. In addition to the products they produce, the Alabis also maintain a blog called Shea Butter Experts, which highlights the women who produce much of the shea butter they use in their products and emphasizes the importance of fair trade.

Ms. Alabi shared the following information with ‘Funlayo and Ase Ire:

Who are you?

I am a woman, wife and mother with an abiding faith in the Lord. I believe that He put me on this earth for a purpose and my goal is to make sure that I fulfill His plan for my life and influence others to do the same.

What prompted you to begin Shea Radiance?

It evolved from a need for an effective remedy for our children’s dry skin. We started formulating using shea butter because we know from experience as Africans, that it is an all purpose healing and beauty moisturizer used for various skin and hair conditions. We also wanted to create moisturizers that were richer than what you would get from a typical store. I was frustrated with body butters and creams that claimed to be rich and hydrating but left my skin dry and in need of another application within hours. I didn’t want to keep using petroleum based products so Vaseline was no longer an option J. We formulated our products to be much richer, so that a little product goes a long way and you can feel the effect right away. Skin is smooth and radiating, it’s what we call the Shea Radiance effect (smile)

Do you have any upcoming events or areas you'll be branching into in the near future?

Yes. We will be introducing a new line of shea butter products in eco-friendly, bio-degradable cardboard tubes. Also expect to see newer fresher redesigned logo and labels this Fall.

What is your biggest dream or aspiration? What would you do if money was of no concern?

For God to use me in some way to change things around in Africa for the better. My focus right now is in the rural and Agricultural area. We work closely with Women’s cooperatives that produce shea butter. We want to see these communities flourish as a result of the business we do with them.

If money was no concern, I would do what I am doing but faster and on a larger scale – developing products that I love, adding value to the lives of local producers in Africa and working with my family are passions. I would travel more. I would give more.

What is the most important piece of advice you can share with Ase Ire’s readers?

Find your purpose and pursue it. If you are not happy where you are ask God to show you why he put you on this earth. You are unique and no one can do what you do the way you do it.

Modupe (thank you) Funlayo for your time and grace!

For more information about Funlayo Alabi and Shea Radiance, visit: (to purchase products), (information on shea butter production and fair trade) or (Funlayo’s blog)

I’ll be sharing reviews on my favorite Shea Radiance products with you soon!

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