I'm thrilled to spotlight! not one, but two great ladies today! Chinhee and Sunhee Park are twins who are both psychic mediums and, over the past several years, they have been using their  gift to help others as they seek to fulfill their mission to "heal one soul at a time." I've actually known the twins since I was about 16 years old and though time and circumstance had separated us for many years, it's incredibly exciting to see that we're on similar paths giving of ourselves and helping others. You know you have a soul connection when you reconnect so many years later and still share a wavelength. Chinhee and Sunhee are the hosts of their own radio show on CBS radio, of which Sunhee says: "we help people who want change for their future, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We tap into the root of the problem psychically and through channeling. We are a double dose of healing. Together or individually we give good energies to people who call."

Here's what the twins had to tell me about their journey:

Who are Sunhee & Chinhee?

We are down to earth givers.  We love to make people smile, laugh and feel good.  We are full of positive energy and love to give to others!  We are appreciative and blessed!  We are humble.  We are love.

When did you first discover your abilities? When did you realize you could use your abilities full-time and build a career?

Our abilities were exposed at 5, Chinhee saw her Grandfather's spirit.  We first consciously discovered our gifts when we were in NYC.  We started out modeling/acting and then went to managing models/actors and using our psychic abilities with the actors and booking projects.  We were the youngest managers in the industry.   When we were 28 is when we decided to be psychics as a career.  A friend of ours told us we should and we did!

Do you have any upcoming events or new areas you're branching into?

We have several upcoming events and projects! We will be doing lectures and live sessions at the New Life Expo in New York in March.  This is a huge event where celebrity psychics/healers come from all over the states. We will be coming out in a book in a few months with several other fellow psychics where all the profits go to an animal charity.  The book is called True Tales of Psychics.We have been casted for a new television show called "Missing Peace" where we work with a celebrity private investigator and a team of psychics to solve cold cases and give peace to grieving families and friends. We have just been accredited by the "Best American Psychics" where we are esteemed members. We are editors of OM Times magazine, the largest, spiritual, International, holistic living e-mag. where we book celebrities for the covers. We have a column in OM Times magazine called "Ask Chinhee or Sunhee" 1 question and we give a free psychic answer.  This is our pro bono work. We have a radio show every Tuesday from 6-8 pm on CBS radio which has been recently syndicated with Para-X radio.  We are now up to 2 million listeners globally! We also have a celebrity host Nia Peeples who incorporates her "elements of life" into our show. 

Wow! You ladies are busy, how wonderful! What is your biggest dream or aspiration? What would you do if money was no concern?

Our biggest dream is to help people who are less fortunate.  If money was no concern, we would give to every poverty stricken area in every single country.  Feed, clothe, bathe and give them love. 

Any advice for Ase Ire's readers?

We believe everyone has intuition and a gift that is meant to HELP people.  Even if it's the smallest gesture, you are still GIVING good energy and making someone smile.  It's all about energies and the more you love yourself, the more you can give and help people! 

Adupe (we are grateful) to Chinhee and Sunhee for sharing with us! Visit the twins at www.ChinheeSunheePark.com and tune into their radio show every Tuesday at 6pm (Eastern Standard Time) at http://sky.radio.com/shows/the-art-of-healing/.

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