Today, Ase Ire introduces our first series, and I'm very excited!

Spotlight! will be a space to shed light on people who are doing interesting, inspiring things. I hope reading about these people will encourage you! Remember:  you can do anything you put your mind and action to and you can make your dreams come true. Know someone you'd like to see the Spotlight! on? Contact me!

Our first guest for the series is Ayoka Quinones, creator of

A specialist in Non-Profit organization management and priestess in the Yoruba tradition, Ayoka has worked with many community based organizations integrating the arts, literacy, and cultural education in programming for youth and adults. She was gracious enough to take a little time to share some of herself with 'Funlayo and with you.

Who is Ayoka?

I am a spiritual being who continues to grow and learn in various ways in order to evolve, prosper, and be a contributing vessel to my family, friends, and greater society. I believe that part of my nature is that of a nurturer and a teacher and another part of my nature is to that of an observer and a student. I continually try to find balance between the two and to understand my purpose in this lifetime; which is myriad. I am a manifestation of a divine energy that continually is tested and is encouraged to develop and be a loving person. I am interested in leading conversations, healing processes and programs that support the growth of people by helping them restore and return to their natural state of being.

What prompted you to begin Ayoka Prays?

I began Ayoka Prays as a platform for my life mission and that is to practice the presence of God and support others to realize the God consciousness in their everyday life. I had been invited to pray at several events, conferences and lead workshops on personal and spiritual transformation -- so Ayoka Prays is an extension of that work. Ayoka Prays is a daily reminder and affirmation to myself that I have a direct relationship with the Creator and that others can obtain that as well.

Do you have any upcoming events you'd like to share with us?

I have a monthly radio show on Blog Talk Radio and the next show is September 30. The show will about the Healing Spirit of Forgiveness, which will include prayer, music and a special guest.

What is your biggest dream or aspiration? What would you do if money was no concern?

I would create spiritual, cultural and educations platforms and institutions all over the world, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean to help alleviate poverty and perpetuate indigenous culture and education of the lands in which the people live. The goal would be help people return their original culture and to be empowered spiritually and culturally.

A closing piece of advice for our readers?

My most important advice is to listen to the wisdom of that God consciousness in you and trust in the Creator to realize your truest self. It is only in those moments are we able to reach the essence of creativity and self realization of our purpose. Trust in the Creator!

Ase Ire is thankful to Ayoka for her time and positivity! Want to know more? Read more about Ayoka here.