Alaafia! Namaste! Hope you're all doing great today! I'm feeling wonderful and really enjoying all the great energy I've been receiving from my family, friends and readers. As I mentioned in this post, I've recently been invited to begin my Ph.D. at Harvard University and the response to this accomplishment has been incredibly moving and humbling. I'm especially touched by the students here at Bronx Community College where I work (and one of my alma maters) who have come and told me I've inspired them -- that truly means more to me than any other accolade.

I'm proud to be a woman -- and a woman of African descent -- making strides in the world. As you no doubt know, March is Women's History Month and  I want to invite those of you in New York City to join me tomorrow, March 19, 2010, for a special film screening and celebration. DeAlmas Women's Collective, a great organization I've worked with for the past few years, put out a call to women and community organizations to partner with them for this event and I was blessed to be one of those women. We will screen the award-winning film For the Next 7 Generations and will engage in dicussion with the Director/Producer Carole Hart following the film. We also have some other wonderful moments planned for the evening so I'd love you to join us! DeAlmas' founding director, Gloria, made a special video to personally invite each of you -- check it out!

The love offering is only $5 and the evening is scheduled to begin at 7 pm sharp at the New Seminary at 2576 Broadway at 102nd Street, 2nd Floor. Seats are going fast so you must RSVP at or email me.

For complete details, visit DeAlmas' website here and become a fan on facebook to keep up with future events.

I hope to see you! Enjoy the day!