I don’t know how lucky it is, per se, but today – 09/09/09 is a special day, do you know why? This is the last single repeating digit date that most of us will see in our lifetime as the next one won’t occur for almost 100 years (January 1, 2101 – 01/01/01).

The number 9 has many powerful associations and, seeing as it repeats 3 times today, that’s 3 times the power! If your life path number is 9, today should have been a particularly powerful day for you. The number 9 is associated with compassion, generosity, honor, and a responsibility to mankind, among other qualities , and these are traits we should all hone within ourselves.

I pray that everyone has had a great day today! The number 9 is also associated with an “abundance of dramatic feelings” so if you’ve felt a little frazzled today, take a deep breath and know that the calm is soon to come.

All the best always!


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