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I’m so excited to come to the end of Ase Ire’s first month and the end of our first contest! The site has gotten over 700 hits and more than 100 facebook fans in 30 days and I think that’s a great start! It’s truly a delight for me to give, and I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the $50 Amazon.com gift certificate is Bernie Lengauer of Salzburg, Austria! Bernie is a great guy who’s been a supporter since before the site’s official launch. He is in the process of making a big move to Bermuda (lucky him!), so I’m sure he can use a few books or some other goodies to enjoy on those flights or during his down time from work. Whatever he decides to buy, I hope he enjoys it! Congratulations Bernie!

After considering several ways to choose a winner of the contest, I decided to use the random number generator at www.random.org. In the process, I ended up reading this article about random number generation. As is evident looking at my academic career, I’m definitely more of a history geek than a math geek, but I did find the article quite interesting!

Our first month and running this contest has been so much fun! Thanks to all of you for your support -- Keep reading and stay tuned for another contest soon!